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Flawless,Litt Madness
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With music it goes way back to before our time. Anybody can make music, sing along, rap, and what not but can you be the voice thats heard throughout every nation? can you be the voice that helps, heals, brings back, and motivates our youth? If you ask me I can be that voice! I love music with a passion and I have been through alot of dangerous times, fun times depressed, down and alot more. My goal is to make it one day and bring back to those that are not recognized or that does not have anything like the less fortunate[homeless]. Of course I have songs thats street related like gang banging, hustling, smoking, and stuff like that but that reaches the kind of people that likes that kind of music. Gangster rap is NOT my favorite or specialty with music it is gospel rap and R&B im just that guy that has been in these streets and jail systems. So I feel like I have a story that can change the way certain people act. I know if I can get to that person I can and will change that persons mind set personally..............
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1 Litt_Madness_-_Envy.mp3
A VI$ION .mp4 player 1.50 Share link Yes
2 Litt_Madness_-_Sex_Appeal.mp3
A VI$ION .mp4 player 1.50 Share link Yes
3 CheddaG_-_Won_t_Judge_Her_ft._Litt_Madness.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player 1.50 Share link Yes
4 Litt_Madness_-_I_Gotta_Get_It.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player 1.25 Share link Yes
5 Litt_Madness_-_10_Hoes.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player 1.25 Share link Yes
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