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                     Joshua Houston, "aka"  ILL SON, is a triple threat entertainer.
    He is a Hip Hop artist, actor, and model who prides himself on being a door opener for others.
   He has been recording music for several years, and has mastered his craft. His musical style  is party music with street edge. He has performed with the likes of "Black Eyed Peas" "Jay Z"
 and "Ludacris" to name a few. His sound is universal which allows him to reach people of all ages,from all walks of life. His performance ability also crosses over into film and television. He has several popular productions to his credit. For example: Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns"
   "Vampire Diaries" and product endorsements for General Electric, and "Adidas" to name a few.
             His talent range allows him to encompass the essence of multimedia entertainment.



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