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Composer, producer, and accomplished lyricist, Sekani Williams, was born in Queens, N.Y., during the era when hip-hop was being born. Currently a resident of Baltimore, MD, Sekani remains a fixture in the community and a staple in Washington D.C.'s music scene.

 Shaped by his experiences in these different locales, Sekani began his exploration of expression as a youth in New York. There he was exposed to all of the art and culture that fames the city, within and outside of his community. From Picasso, Basquiat, Coltrane and Monk, to Public Enemy, Rakim, Imiri Baraka, and Nikki Gioviani. This environment coupled with the influences of his mother and father were synthesized to produce the compelling style of this innovative individual who writes and creates with distinct insight.  

While attending Morgan State University as a marketing major, Sekani's work took on a profound and original flare. He refined his universal ideas while staying cutting edge with writing and production, and would soon develop into an artist who would demand serious respect. Whether it is film, television, or studio recording, Sekani is diligent in his progressive pursuit of distinction.  His abilities have caught the attention of such industry powerhouses as The Source magazine. Appearing in the coveted Unsigned Hype column in March 2000, Sekani's kind of talent was noted as being "Like an eclipse, only coming around every now and then." He has also caught the eye of MTV, who commissioned him to write all of the lyrics, 15 songs, for the 2001 original movie "Carmen: A Hip-Hopera," a television feature directed by Robert Townsend and featuring some of today's biggest music stars. Beyonce Knowles, Mos Def, Wyclef Jean, and Bow Wow, along with the entire cast all recorded and performed songs written by Sekani. His collaboration with legendary musician Roy Ayers and soul siren Eryka Badu for the remake of Roy's classic "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" has already attracted worldwide attention as well.  Sekani is redefining the parameters of musical professionals and seeks only to grow and add depth to his concepts and character.

Sekani and his company, Arts & Kraphts Galleries, have industry credits that can rival some of the most well known artists in the business.  Whether composing original music for the Washington Wizards or serving as executive producer for a variety of network television commercials, Sekani’s track record is long and warrants much respect.  From Lil Wayne to Jadakiss, from studios to boardrooms, Arts & Kraphts Galleries and Sekani Williams have unanimously been voted most likely to change the direction of music by all who have experienced their work. It is just a matter of time!




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1 01 Les Misérables.mp3
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2 02 Fantasy Music.mp3
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3 03 Lady.m4a
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4 04 Feel.mp3
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5 05 Lining 1.mp3
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6 06 Horse.mp3
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7 07 Florida.mp3
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8 10 Suffer.mp3
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9 09 Shoe Game (Inhumane).mp3
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