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The name B. Will’N, in origin, is an agreement of the artist as a fleshly being, and the artist as a spiritual prayer warrior of the Lord. The “B” in B. Will’N represents Bernard Willis in human form and the “.” afterwards represents the death of his old life and the beginning of his new one. Together it is known as his death sentence or spiritual rebirth. What comes after this period is known as God’s “Will” for his life. The apostrophe serves as a arrow of direction that leads B. Will’N to get back to the Word he once left. And the “N” represents the new man he became in the natural, after accepting Christ and conforming to His Will. Hence the name B. Will’N.

“I started out listening to rock and heavy metal music as a child and southern gospel melodies on Sundays. I was influenced a lot by my older sister because I didn’t have any brothers. Once I got a little older and starting hanging with my dad more, I fell in love with W.A.R., Sade, The Whispers, and eventually rap music. Biggie put me on to the streets, but Tupac kept me out of them. My mom bought me this cd and said since I like rap music so much I should listen to this one. It was a Gospel Gangsters cd and I was really feeling it. I would hear my struggle as a kid, then I would hear my deliverance. I would hear the poetic side I get from Tupac, then I would hear my deliverance. And I noticed at the end of each song, I would hear my deliverance. I fell in love with holy hip hop. Then I heard about T-Bone and got to befriend a very helpful holy hip hop artist by the name of Bro. Zeek. He became very instrumental in my decisions to become a holy hip hop artist.” -B. Will’N

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1 You_make_me_high
No Album. .mp4 player 1.99 Share link No
2 Let_it_Bang
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link No
3 You_make_me_high
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link No
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