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On a Fall day in October on the “Enchanted” island of Puerto Rico (Isla De Encanto) was born yet another bright star in the Caribbean and a son to that beautiful lady we call Hip Hop. Don V.A spent a carefree childhood on the island until age thirteen when his father moved the family to the U.S. mainland – this is where it all begins? After V.A landed in Florida he realized the it was not the journey to America that was perilous but the months that followed that he would have to decide to sink or swim. He moved into a small trailer with his mother, father, and sister while trying to adjust to a new American identity. Shortly afterwards his parents split up, his brother is locked up in prison for life, and he loses three uncles to cancer. V.A found solace in the expression of his emotions in an art form he first saw and fell in love with on “YO! MTV RAPS”. V.A began to blend the thumping Hip Hop beats he heard on television with the Caribbean rhythm in his blood, with hardcore lyrics in English and Spanish, and with the addition of his God-given rugged baritone, it is easy to see how he acquired the title of Vocal Arsonist (V.A).

Don V.A then linked up with a team of New York based rappers and called themselves the Affiliados. The Affiliados have performed at a variety of shows in Florida, in Madison Square Garden, and on Video Mix. They have also done drops for 97.9 La Mega in New York, 99 Jamz, Power 96, and 103 the Beat in Miami. Don V.A has also graced the screen as he portrayed a drug dealer in the independent movie “Shottas”. He was also seen on cable in two Sprite commercial’s, Ford commercial, Univision show’s, Telemundo show’s, and doing a service announcement for the NAACP Teen Summit. Don V.A was chosen by Sony Bmg Norte A&R. Jorge Fonseca to be a part of a compilation project named Syndicato. The project was put together by 7 very talented artist from Miami/ Broward who put there heart into the music.

Don V.A recorded two song’s with Floridaroom Ent. for the project ” Ponte a Mover ” y ” De Lao a Lao ” wich became the main single’s for the Syndicato CD/DVD album. Our main single ” De Lao a Lao ” caught the ears of many dj’s worldwide along with radio station’s who showed us many ” radio spins ” Houston / La Mega, L.A / Latino 96.3, XM Radio / Latin show, Miami / La Mega etc. Sony Bmg Norte decided then to keep Don V.A as one of the main artist to release a solo album once Syndicato was done. While waiting for his solo chance, Don V.A. toured and promoted his name in all the city’s of Florida, California, Texas, Michigan, y NYC and has opened up 4 all the top Latin Artist in the market. Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Voltio, Wisan y Yandel, Ivy Queen etc Don V.A is no Longer with Sony Bmg, Leaving after not being satisfied on the artist push within the label’s team. He is still part of Affiliados, but is currently in the lab with FloridaRoom, Top Secret Musik and various hot producer’s in the game working on the solo album and in the works of a new Record Label deal. His goal is to fuse English and Spanish Rap once and for all y to deliver hot music to all the fans he has gained over the year on tour. To bring a style that incorporates hardcore lyrics, a choppy Hip Hop flow, Latin undertones and a true feel, to let the world know the reality of a Puerto Rican American in the 21st Century. Contact Floridaroom Ent for future concert bookings



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