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A dream deferred is one way to look at Dredators journey through hip hop. It began in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. He got his start battle rapping and rhyming in ciphers before getting a break performing at small venues alongside Tribe Called Quest— and eventually signing a deal with the group. Before he could maximize his come up, his dream was derailed by an unfortunate stint in federal prison. His interest in the alchemy of street pharmaceuticals cost him 13 years of freedom.Thankfully, his music motivation did stop there. Dredator used his confinement to sharpen his skills by writing, battling and performing his way through the ranks of rap culture within the prison system. He was force to be reckoned with. Influenced by Jay-Z and KRS-1, Dredator has become a lyrical wordsmith with a sound of his own. The Feds couldn shut him down and neither will the industry. With past misfortune in the wind and a spanking new start,

Dredator is unleashed and Major Without the Label.

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1 Da_Goods.mp3
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2 Gettin_At_Me.mp3
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3 Living_it_Up.mp3
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