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Biography for 

Polar Bear



Who is Polar Bear? Polar Bear was born to create, he is now the creator, and he will be the new creation of hip-hop. 

Born to Create:

Polar Bear was born Charles Lawrence Jr., in Atlanta, GA. Polar Bear spent his early years in Chicago, IL.. He moved to Chicago with his mother when he was six years old. He was blessed to stay with his grandmother on the west side and then eventually moved to neighborhood of Park Manor/Grant Crossing on the south side (Third District).

 As a youngster, Polar Bear was introduced to music through several avenues and music soon became his first love. His grandmother would play the “dusties” on Sundays and his great uncle was a DJ throughout different clubs & lounges around the Chicago area. Riding around with his father, (who was and still is his icon) he heard the soulful sounds of the O’Jays, Al Hudson, Tina Marie, and many other legendary artist. His father also played the guitar and owned a record shop in Atlanta. Polar Bear learned a lot about music while helping out at the record shop. Polar Bear was introduced to gospel music from his mother. Attending church with his mother was a great experience and has carried him a long way.

Polar Bear musical influences are artist from the past & present. He really respects the craft of an artist that is considered both an artist and a business man. For instance, people like Master P, Ice T, Baby & Slim, Fifty Cent, Jay-Z, and those artist that eventually become icons of the game. 

Now the Creator:

Polar Bear talents are writing, producing, directing and writing treatments for videos. His first project he worked with his friends little brother. Polar Bear was the man behind the scenes and finically supported the project. But eventually, Polar Bear put together his own rap group “The Henchman”, along with an R&B artist “Freckles”, and a rap artist, “Bow Tie”. Polar Bear worked on Freckles first LP and signed & produced Bow Tie’s first album, ‘Son of a Junkie’. 

Polar Bear opened C&C recording studio on the south-side of Chicago. C&C has had the honor of holding open doors to major artist such as Common Sense, Shawna, Wu-Tang, Gang Star’s Guru, and many more. Polar Bear continued to expand his reach in the music industry with the launch of his company, Flight Risk Entertainment, where he continues to manage both Rap and R&B artists. Throughout the years, Polar Bear’s focus has shifted from producing others to writing and producing his own masterpiece. 

New Creation of Hip-Hop:

Currently, Polar Bear is working on releasing his mix tape titled, Safe House, which features Raekwon (of the Wu-Tang Clan) and other artist. Raekwon blessed the mic with Polar Bear and gave him the opportunity to open a few show on his tour. Polar Bear shares a taste of his own “hip-hop” as pieces of his life story unfolds through his music. Focused on creating a new lane for hip-hop, especially in Chicago, Polar Bear’s ambition is driven by the satisfaction of his fans. 

With his ink pen leaking on his note pad, Polar Bear is currently working on his first album titled, 

Purpose over Pain”, which will become available in the spring of 2012. Polar Bear quoted, “I am getting great feedback from fans so far, but I feel like there are a lot of ears that I haven’t captured yet. So I am working daily & networking with the hopes of eventually becoming a world renowned hip-hop icon”.




Polar Bear Fun Facts:

Polar Bear was a name given to him as a kid from his cousins, because of his survival ways of going hard with his hustle

“I Had TO” the first single on debut mix tape, “Safe House”, has already hit Chicago’s major radio station, Power 92.3fm, and continues to spread


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