Preserving the culture

" I love music and I’m gonna keep doing it for as long as I possibly can, whether it’s for money or not. - Method Man

RareHipHop.com recognizes the evolution, but we don't want anyone to forget those that have paved the way for this genre. RareHipHop.com is a platform where you can hear artists from Hip-Hop's inception to today's music makers.

We are preserving and promoting history. We are also going beyond records. Here you will be able to hear actual rare Hip-Hop from artists both old and new as well as their inspirations and idols.

Not only are we promoting the artists that have made it, we are looking to the independent artists to continue to cultivate the music. We are tired of hearing the same rotation every 2 hours on the radio. RareHipHop.com gives the new artist a means of reaching an audience outside of his/her town.

RareHipHop.com also assists in preserving music that has been recorded on old physical media. Many of Hip-Hop's founders have their tracks, performances, etc., on cassette tape. Once the tape pops, history is lost! Many artists have thanked us and wished we had been on the scene years ago, because much history has already been lost. We take their decaying tracks, digitize it and clean it up for the world to hear. If you can 'add-on' to preserving history, please submit what you have via our submissions section.

The Legends and Future Legends Live @ RareHipHop.com