Who benefits?

" It just ain’t mainstream and dope enough to go on radio ‘cause of how radio is...You gotta do what you have to do. - Eric Sermon

The Hip-Hop community! With each musical download, a large portion of each sale goes to the artist in question, a portion goes to a charity beneficial to Hip-Hop and the rest goes back towards advancing this movement! You can give back because you are a fan that wants to enjoy, learn and appreciate Hip-Hop's past, in addition to preserving the culture. You can give back because you want to bypass the greedy middle man and give directly to your favorite artist or you can give back because you just want to say thank you!

We at RareHipHop.com, believe everything is coming full circle in Hip-Hop and we want to help push that movement with this site. Legends in Hip-Hop aren't revered like legends in other forms of music, so we want to help change that! Old School artists can't sell records, this must stop and we will do our part! Many of our legends don't get big tour money, this must cease! We want to make our history 'vogue', so lets celebrate it!

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