Support your Artists!

" This music is like a garden, and they [fans] are like the tenders to this garden. And it's like y'all aren't taking care of the garden. Why do you think so many rappers don't put out albums? Cause they don't rap no more? Or because they're tired of rapping? [It's because] they're not making money! You gotta keep it real with us. You got a beautiful garden, but if y'all aren't taking care of it and landscaping, that s**t's gonna turn to weeds. It's gonna be desolate after a while, because y'all keep taking and taking and taking and nobody is supporting the artists - Cormega

What would you pay to move you into a mood that makes you feel good? The average pack of cigarettes costs over $5. A candy bar from a vending machine is at least 75 cents. A value meal at your favorite fast food establishment can cost you well over $3. How much will that extra cup of coffee cost you? Music makes you feel good, is healthy and lasts a lifetime!

If the artists are working hard at their craft and are putting out good music, then it is up us to reward them for their hard work and in turn reward ourselves. This is how they make a living and they also have to pay for the studios, equipment and engineers that are needed for their music. Support your artists and their creativity.

"Cause if these kids don't go buy our records, we'll be has-beens...and plus naked - Chubb Rock, 'Treat em Right'

It’s very simple! Support your artists and they will continue to give you the music you love. Don’t support them and they have to find other ways of making money and then they can’t make the music you want to hear.

Support the Veterans of the Hip-Hop culture so that they can eat and continue to influence those that come after them. Support your local artists and contribute to your neighborhood in this manner. Let’s do our part, they are doing theirs.

The ‘One’ you support today can be the KRS-One of tomorrow!